We seek out the finest products for you, from well-known classics to promoting
new trends and young producers that comply with our quality standards. We travel
around Italy, always on the hunt for products that are in line with our philosophy:
they must be artisanal, sustainable, and offer great value for money.


We want you to taste our products with us, so that you can see, taste, smell and feel
their quality for yourself. We will take you through a guided tasting, telling you where
the food comes from, how it is produced, and also suggest some suitable pairings.


Distribution is managed directly by us, thereby ensuring greater efficiency. In terms
of logistics, we take care of every step for you, from refrigeration and temperature
control, to reliable transport and exact timing. Based in Italy, we use local hubs in the
country where you are to make sure our products always arrive at your door fresh.

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