Quality and respect for the Earth

Andrea Teglia

Growing up in the mountains, I was surrounded by the traditional farming practices of my family and the rich aroma and taste of artisanal products. The simplicity of life, the ancestral production methods and the satisfaction of a job well done, have always been at the core of my upbringing.
My personality has always had a scientific and an artistic sphere that have resulted in my passions for nature, technology, and pleasure of the senses. Throughout my journey, I have pursued my dreams and inclinations reaching many satisfactions, working at the high end of motorsports I have traveled a lot in different countries, expanding my culture and horizons.
Fueled by my passion for nature and quality, I decided to fully embrace it, to connect people who follow my philosophy, people who love what they do and express it through their creations.

My philosophy

My values ​​are driven by my passion for cooking and for our Earth.
Earth intended as a territory, I firmly believe that a product can only express its best when it is grown in its most suitable terroir, where the unique combination of natural conditions, local culture and awareness of the producers come together to create something special.
Earth intended as our planet, which must be respected even when we satisfy our pleasures.
This is why I believe that authenticity must always be accompanied by the sustainability of production processes and farms, with the utmost respect for nature.
The healthiness of the products is one of my cornerstones, I select those conceived in the most natural way, without compromising on flavors and aromas, but with the guarantee of avoiding ingredients that can be harmful, as much as possible.
I meet the producers in person: they are artisans who take care of their product, find satisfaction for a special, non-standardized result that respects the natural rithms. I don't just select their products, but I always get to know them personally, to witness the quality of their work on the field. I communicate their values ​​to customers, telling the philosophy, the stories, the territories; to convey their passion and the value of the products as much as possible. It is my guarantee seal.

My pillars

Pursuit of Quality:

Artisanal products, made with competence, without compromises and valuing flavour, tradition and health. Aromas and taste that stand out from the crowd, enhancing the origin and link with the territory.

Relationship with Partners:

Personal relationship is essential for me, to express Honesty, Trust and Reliability. They belong to my character and they are the foundation of my way to work. Our priority is to bring value to our clients.

Care for the Planet:

Promoting and valuing those who produce and transform products with the minimum carbon footprint, safeguarding biological diversity. These values are directly passed to my clients, to become a plus for the products they offer.

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