Quality and respect for the Nature


Dedicated to quality and respect for nature, in the vineyard they are scrupulous and they take care of the vine wellness. They know how to respect the natural balance and thanks to this they are able to make minimal interventions in the vineyard. They use all-natural products to help fighting harmful fungi and insects. They promote biodiversity and symbiotic agriculture. No systemic products or herbicides are used.
In the cellar they are meticulous with hygiene and cleanliness, which is essential when so little is involved in the winemaking process. They constantly follow the evolution of the wine, reacting to any unpleasant smell, and this is how they manage to obtain clean and sincere products, lively and exciting identity.

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Terra di Piaceri®

Via Martiri del 1831, n°3/1
42122 Reggio Emilia (RE)
  +39 349 8924 840