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Terra di Piaceri Selection– your gateway to a curated world of exceptional Italian products.

At Terra di Piaceri, we traverse the length and breadth of Italy in pursuit of culinary excellence. Our mission is simple: to bring the authentic flavors of Italy to your doorstep. From the sun-kissed vineyards to the rustic kitchens of skilled artisans, we handpick a diverse selection of high-quality foods and wines.

Our Process:
1. Seek and Discover: We scout the rich landscapes of Italy, discovering hidden gems and well-known classics. Our selection spans from time-honored traditions to the latest culinary trends.

2. Taste with Us: We invite you to embark on a sensory journey. Our products aren't just items on a shelf – they are experiences. Join us for a guided tasting where you can see, taste, smell, and feel the quality firsthand.

3. Direct Distribution: Cutting out unnecessary layers, we manage distribution directly. From refrigeration and temperature control to reliable transport, we ensure efficiency in every step.

4. Constant Evolution: Our catalog is a dynamic reflection of our commitment to quality. As we discover new gems, our selection evolves. We believe in offering not just products but experiences that add value to your offerings.

Why Terra di Piaceri:

Authenticity: We source from passionate artisans, ensuring each product has a unique story.
Quality Assurance: Our products meet high standards of quality, sustainability, and taste.
Direct Relationship: We maintain a direct and personal connection with our clients, understanding their needs and preferences.
Flexible Solutions: Whether you run a delicacies shop or a high-end restaurant, our diverse selection caters to all.

Join Us on the Journey:
Embark on a journey through the flavors of Italy with Terra di Piaceri. We're not just a distributor; we're enthusiasts sharing the best of Italy with you. Explore our selection and elevate your culinary experience.
High quality Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat

Arrosticini Abruzzesi- Tornese

Arrosticini of adult sheep typical of Abruzzo. Made with the best meats from highly selected and certified farms. Experienced and highly qualified personnel carefully follow the entire processing of the product, ensuring high quality standards, the meat has a nice rose colour and a delicate, yet full flavour. Perfect for the barbecue.

Fresh Meat

Tagliata di Bovino Adulto Varzese/Piemontese grass fed - Casa Serra

Beef Tagliata Varzese or Piemontese, grass fed. Long aging.

Fresh Meat

Côte à l'os Varzese/Piemontese - Casa Serra

Côte à l'os Varzese or Piemontese, breed grass fed. Long aging.

Fresh Meat

Sirloin Bovino Adulto Piemontese - Casa Serra

Beef sirloin Piemontese breed, grass fed. Long aging.

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