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Breeders and producers of cured meat

There are many different ways of raising an animal and this is what makes the difference in the companies I choose: animal wellness is at the heart of the philosophy that distinguishes them. Intensive farming is strictly avoided and the wild or semi-wild state is promoted. 

The animals are fed only with cereals, mostly organic and of their own production, no corn and soy, they have their own living spaces and can manage their needs, in harmony with the other animals. That way they grow up healthy, actually get sick less and don't need antibiotics.
Taking care of the wholesomeness of the products is also another key factor for the quality of our producers, who are not only good breeders, but also great butchers. What makes the difference is the competence and awareness that allow them to add the bare minimum to the final product, in most cases nothing that is not totally natural. The commitment necessary to meet the stringent health standards on products, with this philosophy, is substantial and is achieved only thanks to the passion, culture and knowledge of my suppliers.

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